Sunday, April 24, 2011

One game 5 was not like the others

I thought when Chicago pulled out a 5-0 win in game 5, then Tampa won their must-win decisively 8-2, that the Rangers were gonna follow suit and deliver a feel good win to all us fans who suffered through game 4. It didn't happen, and in fact my Blueshirts are the only team I was rooting for that didn't take game 5, the only win I really wanted.

Now that the season's over, failing in 5 makes some sense. The series definitely felt like the we were trying to beat the Caps, and the Caps are trying to win the Cup. I think that's the drive that powered Washington to take the two overtimes. I can digest that this team was not destined to go far in the playoffs, but what stings is that they were a better team than two years ago and their 4-1 result somehow negates all the heart and hard work they poured into this campaign. I especially feel for Henrik who again comes in second to a rookie goaltender. Neuvirth was definitely good, no mistake, but Henrik did a hell of a job, with nothing but a losing record to show for it. He deserves a fairer shake in the history books. We haven't been on the right side of the handshake line since 2008 (I'm looking at you Marty!) and I sure hope we'll be enjoying that distinct pleasure around this time next year. Maybe Chris Kreider will make all the difference :D

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