Friday, April 22, 2011

We prayed for this two weeks ago, right?

Ticketmaster sent me an email today requesting I review Game 4 for their site. Uh, what? Thinking about the responses they might get from the Garden faithful takes a little edge off the pain of Wednesday night. 48 hours later I can appreciate the excitement and intensity, all fun and good if it weren't for the heartbreak. It still hurts. Forget giving up a a 3 goal lead, I'd still rather be beat by some skill. To my mind it would have been better if Ovechkin had scored on his 1OT breakway, a much more dignified defeat than that nightmare of a misplay. Larry Brooks had it down this morning. There's plenty of other teams I'd have relished this scenario playing out against, but why my Rangers? Why does Ryan Miller have 2 shutouts and a 3-2 advantage when Henrik has been the best Ranger, all season, but most definitely this post-season. I still have faith in this team and especially in goal. Hopefully Henrik will tally his playoff shutout tomorrow afternoon. Plus, Boyle and Dubinsky's staches definitely deserve a few more viewings, I'm thinking Monday night. Let's Go Rangers!

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