Thursday, April 14, 2011

in the hunt

So Saturday turned out pretty great. Not so much Friday night when I came home and Hockey Rodent had our berth% at 29.something. But I still had faith and was praying for a Caps matchup, generally a team I'd rather leave be. After a rousing visit to The Garden and a little help the unexpectedly eager Lightening, my prayers were answered. Apart from the outcome I was pretty satisfied with last night's playoff opener. Overall I want us to play well and we definitely did that, especially Henrik. My mom was not so happy, "Did you see them chop Henrik's hands? How can that happen?" I think the real problem with last night was that we scored first. I always have an illogical response to scoring first, thinking then that it's our game, we're obviously taking this one. Well it doesn't always play out that way. So let's go in tomorrow and clean up. I'm thinking Rangers' take it 5-1. I'd love nothing better than to head back to MSG Sunday having split and with all the momentum. That's my plan.

In a terrible twist of timing I was shafted by D.C. twice yesterday. First I wake up to find that my Black Swan peeps diorama has been passed over for another inferior take on the same theme. The rest of the Washington Post's Peep Show V is quite good (I like #22 the best!), but when you get to #19, just insert the picture to the left. I'm just a little bitter, but really every Black Peep entry I saw in the loser's gallery was better than the one they picked. And how many of them actually play Swan Lake? Add that to OT loss and NYC and DC are in a blood feud. Let's hope the Ranger's stick up for me tomorrow.

ps. I bought an Avery heritage jersey. Think he'll get to play? I'm thinking game 5!


j said...

Game Two, lady!!!

dollie said...

Yessirrie! We're gonna take this one!

xoxo D

Anonymous said...

Actually, ours looks a lot better in person. We know the picture wasn't great. Sorry you're bitter. Better luck next year! (From the winning Black Swan Peeps dioramist).

Anonymous said...

Oh.. And yours is really good! But why is the Black Peep wearing wire-rimmed glasses?

dollie said...

Congratulations to you #19, I apologize for badmouthing your diorama, my beef is really with the post after being passed over twice. Love the idea of using a chick peep for the Swan because they're both birds, but I couldn't make it look right. No glasses on my Black Nina, just the makeup and feather headdress. I would love to see other pix of your winner, because you can't make out any details on WaPo.

Anonymous said...

Yours is really good. Ours is stunning in person. It's all swarovski crystals (seriously) and silk slippers and an amphitheater with 42 peeps and stage lights. The photo is really bad. We had to take it with a PHONE at the last minute cuz of technical problems. I've won twice and have lots of tips to share if you ever want to talk peeps :) ... but yours really are supercute. You got the black floor just right. what did you use?

ps: I hate working with chicks!!

dollie said...

Thanks for the compliments. I had to use cardboard for the floor because there are armiture wires holding the peeps up. So I covered it with a thick glossy black paper. Was so happy when found it because it gave that perfect reflective shine.

I'd love to see other photos of your diorama #19. If you'd like email me at: