Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a win!

To the Rangers, with love, from the NHL
Thank you NHL! I think they dig Dubi's mustache, I know I do. It's only been 2 years, but I forgot how awesome playoff games are. I need some lasso lessons though because my towel arm is sorely out of practice. Luckily 4 goals (we sang for all of them, disallowed or not) got me up to snuff. As J remarked, it was nice to have so many banners waving (and not just me) during the national anthem. I'm looking to keep my skills honed tomorrow night. It's so hard to guess how each game will play out, but I'm hoping for the same effort with a little more finesse from NYR. As much as I miss The MZA, I'm thrilled to have #16 in the lineup, especially because I've been sporting his heritage jersey. May it always bring the Blueshirts good luck. Here's to Henrik and all the team, I love you and I believe in you.

Not I know in my last post I was hating on Washington D.C. a little, particularly the Post and it choices for this year's top Peeps dioramas. I apologize to Megan and Jesse who won a spot for their Black Swan entry. I took my desperation for peeps immortality out on them, when I know there are plenty of deserving peeps enthusiasts. I did want to give some particular love to one WaPo entry. This Is Spinal Peep is by far my favorite in this year's Peep Show. In the interest of full disclosure, I had nothing to do with this diorama, but I think Constantia Rioux, Sean Eustis and Kevin Hollenbeck did a terrific job. Seeing all these detail pix, I'm so impressed with the finish on this entry, and from all angles. I'm especially loving the exit sign at the back of the club. And of course the amp is a work of art. Great work, Love it!

But that's it, me and D.C. are no longer friendies. We are in battle, and I'm rooting for NYC all the way. Let's go Rangers!

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Spinal Peep said...

Still winning at the Artisphere display, as well as making a song based on part on the entry submission that WP didn't print!