Monday, April 30, 2007

it's good to be back home again

Quotes From The Game (Or Why MSG Is My Home ... Even Though They Won't Post My Text Messages On GardenVision)

"I wanted to stab Malik." — 343 neighbor on Friday's big mistake.

Woman in line for the bathroom, on the phone: Oh no, I'm going to get in a fight. ... Well, I just told a woman in a pink Buffalo jersey that she's a cunt.

Sabres fan, in MSG hallway: Let's Go Buffalo!
Rangers fan: Your mother's a toothless whore.

Guy grabbing the back of my Beukeboom jersey: Who the hell is that?
Me: Why would you admit that you don't know? Seriously? That's embarrassing.
Me to Dollie, the guy, anyone within stage whisper distance: Can you believe this guy? "Who the hell is that?" Dude's a Cup-winning defenseman. "Who the hell is that?" Who the hell are you? ... etc.

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:el fano: said...

omg! OMG! ... for-serious .. this is THE BEST! xoxoxo THE BEST! .. ps: the SO NEED TO POST YOUR TEXT messages.. don't they know WHO you ARE!?? xoxoxo :el fano: