Sunday, April 29, 2007

Best win yet!

I still can't get over today game. We've seen some amazing moments this season, a bunch of shutouts, Shanahan v. Brashear, Avery v. Tucker, shootout wins, sweeping Atlanta but nothing beats today for the amount of tension, intensity, and ultimately elation. My whole body was vibrating after the game winning goal at 16:43 of the 2OT. Even though the team had been working hard for over 96 minutes, it seemed like the goal came out of nowhere, but that right light was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. It capped off a game that exemplified all that I love about my team, their group play, their determination, their resiliency. Henrik was brilliant. Rozsival spun gold despite his pain. Jagr, Shanny, SAvery - everybody was awesome. Renney gave every player a "Let's get 'em" hug before the game. He's the shit. I'm very proud of our boys in blue. 3 more to go!

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