Thursday, April 19, 2007

Text Messages I Tried To Post On GardenVision Last Night

Except they kept cycling the same 12. Grr.

So I started with

Hi Dollie!


MC Pee Pants!

on Tuesday, and we thought maybe I wasn't getting posted because it didn't have specific Rangers content (oh, but it did).

So then I tried:

j and d LOVE the Rangers
Simple, yes? No.

It's your 5th birthday, Scottie, and grandma loves you (And Matt Cullen.)
If you get this (there is no way you ever would), you win a prize.

We thought that might be too long, so I settled on:
Grandma Loves You (And Matt Cullen.)

And, finally:

Let's Go Rangers -- Let's Go To My House xo j

Also an inside joke. Though it's pretty easy to get this one, which was stolen from a lady at the marathon.

Not one was posted. Though I did see a couple of other Matt Cullen notes. Which reminds me: Hands off. I graciously accept losing him to his wife, but not some wench sending text messages at MSG.

PS: WE WON! and then --- WE WON! Much more on that later.

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:el fano: said...

omg!!!! OMG! - I am speachless with JOY and LAUGTER and I actually got the "marathon" joke ;] even before I saw "the marathon joke!" HA! I like ALWAYS associate that [tag-line] with that moment in time.. anyway.. OMG! OMG! 4 in a ROW! HOTNESS! and the Mr. Jane O'D ;] well, scoring that lovely goal to end the night ;] HOW HOT!! [i think, if I have my facts right] ANYWAY, wow WOW and WOW! ;] blue-shirt fever is SOO HOT RIGHT NOW! ;] I mean, for-serious if you don't have it GET IT - CATCH IT - LIVE IT! - and LOVE IT! ;] xoxoxoo LETS GO RANGERS - LETS GO!! oxxooxxo hugs and love :el fano: