Thursday, November 11, 2010

no need to punch ourselves in the face

Perhaps you can tell from the photo I chose, but I'm gonna focus on the positives of this game against the Caps and our current 1-3-0 slide. Why not? Apart from the scoreboard at the end this game had a bit of everything. Unexpected fights, ridiculous penalties, scoring. How can you not enjoy a game when Boogaard scored his first in well over four years? After a nearly end to end tally, I just wish he could have celebrated as well. MSG even kicked things off on an odd note when Steven Page, former Bare Naked Lady (now junkie) was pegged to sing our national anthem. I say our because Mr. Page is most definitely Canadian and proceeded to prove it by mangling the words to the Star Spangled Banner. He actually just skipped the "gallantly streaming" line which may be better because as we've discussed before some of the neanderthals in the garden think we say "screaming" even though the words are displayed on both sides of the ice. So yeah, Henrik gave up four goals and our scorers weren't exactly superstars (although I think Boyle will keep up his already record pace, no Voros repeats) still I think we played a good game. I see emotion, drive and a will to win nearly every game, and although the skills may not always result in 2 points in the standings, I'm comfortable with they way the losses have come about. It's early though, I'm sure I won't feel the same come March. Next up the Sabres, then Oilers. Can you believe the Edmonton game is scheduled for 12:30 Sunday? I know the Rangers aren't exactly great at early tilts but it will ultimately be a 9:30 game for the visiting team who happens to be worst in the league. If we can't pull that one out I may have to reassess a little earlier.

ps: Thanks to Dan Steinberg for linking to us this week. After all the Caps are my second team and it heals the whole left in my heart after his Washington Post left my beloved Peepitals in the trash bin. Still I hope the Rangers can take the next one off the Soviets!

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