Friday, April 10, 2009

The Stanley Cup contender of Peeps dioramas!

Or so I thought, until my friend Mike and I were shut out of the Washington Post 2009 Peeps diorama contest with our frankly awesome entry "The Washington Peepitals Roast the Pittsburgh Poultry".

I thought we were guaranteed at least the top 40 by depicting local D.C. heroes crushing their hated PA rivals. Ovechkin was so dominant in the NHL this season, why wouldn't his sugar coated bunny equivalent be as masterful? Could it be the execution? Well, while it might not meet Industrial Light and Magic's standards for a scale model, I think the arena is pretty darn accurate. We even included a shoutout to Tariq El-Bashir's Washington Post blog with an ad for "Peepitals Insider" on the boards!

I think the Post's style section must not have appreciated our hockey theme. How else could they fail to enjoy Mike Green and Semin celebrating Ovechkin Peep's goal in deep while Crosby, Fleury and Gonchar look on in total defeat? Or that the score is already 12-4 despite being the 2nd period?

Or our Boudreau peep? Originally we envisioned him as a hard boiled egg because the coach -while delightful- bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain Mr. Humpty Dumpty, but the Post contest stipulates all characters must be peep depicted. As good citizens and rule adherers we complied- but to no avail.
Curses Washington Post!!!


KlayKey said...

Dollie, don't worry about WaPo. Your peeps diorama is an internet sensation. I love it! (Yes, Bruce Boudreau would have been better as Humpty Dumpty.) Or how about a nesting Russian egg - OV, Semin, Feds, & Kozlov? Oh well - ideas for next Easter... just forget about the Style Invitational rules.

dollie said...

Thanks KlayKey!
If Peeps were a little heartier they would make good characters for a stop-motion animation. The WP style editors really seem to love broadway so one of my friends jokingly suggested "The Phantom of the Peep" which would just be a black background, a rose, and a half mask with a bunny ear. I bet I'd make the cut!

Anonymous said...

I saw this at PD and loved it (other than the fantasy score--sorry, Pens fan in Bethesda). Re the so-called winners in the post today- yours is top 10 in my book!

Anonymous said...


I have never read your blog before, but I came across a picture of your peep diorama from a link on the Washington Post Capitals Insider blog. I am also a huge fan of the Washington Post's Peep contest and have been following it for 3 years. I want you to know that your depiction of the Peepitals is the most beautiful, well-crafted, and clever diorama I have ever seen. I feel so strongly about its perfection that I even found a way to tell you all this myself. You should be so proud. It will forever be number one in my book! Thank you so much for putting so much energy into this wonderful product.

:el fano: said...

I am "PEEP[ed]" about this "PEEP{tastic}" Diorama-rama!!!!!!!!!!!! shut out of the top 40! its "PEEP[post-turrr-ours!]" - i am seriously writing to the WP and giving them a "PEEP" of my mind.. "freak-n-PEEP[s]" .. PEEP PEEP PEEP ... yeah, you heard me WP!! "PEEP... and PEEP and PEEP" to you and your [so - called paper]!! HA!... an amazing job well done ButterMcPEEP[stress] and of course to Mike[PEEP](o)RAMA!!! xo xo hugs and love :el [peep] fano:

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

dollie said...

Hey there, thanks for the support! I'll try to keep things interesting.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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dollie said...

Peeps season is officially in effect for 2010 since it's the day following St. Valentine's. Due to an impending move I won't be able to work on another creation this year, but if anybody needs some tips, advice or support for their own project I would love to share any knowledge I gleaned from the Peepitals, so please just ask. Happy Peeps Season!

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