Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Will the Rangers give you cancer?

Something strange is afoot in the NHL. The Devils are bottom feeders, Tortorella's been sending out the same lines on a regular basis, and most extraordinary Scott Hartnell has cut his hair! Now I can hardly predict how this state of affairs will shake out come April, but I'm giving them my vote, even if the Flyers win the division. Do you think Laviolette will tape Hartnell's chopped locks to his monk spot? The team definitely got a lot less ugly, but we can hope for miracles.

I know we've played a tenth of the games in the schedule, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with our play so far. A little scrambly at times, but I haven't questioned the effort so far which is the best I can ask for. And I will throw Tortorella the credit. He may have received a little guidance from all the injuries, but he's been nurturing team chemistry so far and my impression last season it was that lack of instinctual playing the caused our inconsistency. Now if the boys can just win any of the games I personally attend we'll be golden. Next up is the Capitals on Tuesday. Still I'd give up that one for another sweep this weekend. Take down Samson and solidify the Devils record, that would be worst in the league!

Also, I hope Sunday or Tuesday game isn't sponsored by 1-800-LAWYERS!

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