Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can the third line just play every shift?

I have to admit that although I have a lot more faith in this team after preseason I didn't have high expectations for this particular game because traditionally we haven't fared so well in Buffalo (a certain Game 5 comes to mind). But thankfully I was proved wrong to the tune of 6-3. I knew this kid Stepan was a treasure last January when he Captained the gold medal Juniors' team, but I had no notion of his contributing this early (1st game!) and this often (hat trick!).
Is 21 his official number now because I need to order that jersey pronto? This 21 already has half the goal count of his predecessor Chris Higgins. UPGRADE! Stepan was not only the number one star of our game but of the whole NHL! Even so the rest of the team played really well too, so yay Rangers. Let's just work on Henrik's GAA.

Also I cannot get enough of Avery's glasses, nothing new, but these new specs he's been sporting since training camp are spectacular (haha). Watching the pregame last night I discovered what is so perfect about these frames are that the tops are traditional hornrims, but the bottoms are clear. Plus I love the slightly lilac tint to the lenses. They suit Mr. Avery better than the traditional nerd fames, although my man Justin Timberlake has been rocking that look to great effect throughout this lengthy promotional tour for The Social Network. Here JT, Jesse Eisenberg and the fabulous Andrew Garfield experience something magical on a Madrid TV show. Can' tell you what it is, but just go see the movie.

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