Friday, October 22, 2010

onward and upward

I keep forgetting that we've played a lot less than some other teams. While .500 is not ideal, 5 games in I'll take it. I had the misfortune of attending Monday's tilt against Colorado, although it was still fun. I just hate that a loss no matter how poorly played ultimately lands on the shoulders of our King. In the end if I had to pick two points against the Avs or Leaves, I'd take spilling blood on the blue and white every time. Hopefully we can just repeat the win a few more times this week. I've been lovin' the play of Artem Anisomov lately. He's scored a couple of goals and was seen mixing it up a bit at MSG. I think it must be his new English skills, " You are SUCK. You play female-like!" I'd like to see any interviews with him. Q: What do you think of the team? A: "Well I used to like Avery but now I know what he speaks, I think not so much!"

Here's to four more points this weekend.

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