Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On one station I'm a champion

I should have gone to Canada a few weeks sooner because our Rangers have earned 7 out of 8 points since I crossed the border. I had logically given up hope for the playoffs until Saturday night when we were only 4 points behind Philly and play them back-to-back to end the season. I have to say eliminating the Flyers fires me up a little more than Boston. That Winter Classic must have really worked a number on me! So even though I was in close proximity to Leafs v. Blueshirts there wasn't much hockey action to be found on my trip. I did pass an exit sign on the QEW for Wayne Gretzky's Winery and my immediate thought was that Sidney Crosby should open a Whinery when he retires!

Also had a weird "Is this guy following us?" moment. Pull into parking garage of the Toronto hotel, take the glass elevator up to the lobby and who do we see on our way up - A Rangers fan who used to sit in Sec 302 during the 07-08 season and who also happened to be at the very exclusive Fran Healy from Travis gig at Housing Works. I thought for sure we would see him at Thrush Hermit Friday night, but then I was also sure the visiting Rangers would be there too (I'm thinking of you Sean Avery!) PS. If you're that dude, educate me, I need to know why you were rocking Canada the same weekend as us.

As much as I love my team I would give up the playoffs any year to see Thrush Hermit play live. They're simply the best and I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Still I'm greedy, so I like to have both. Maybe my Blueshirts can pull off a miracle, fingers crossed.


j said...

No pick up on the NYR/Travis/TOR dude? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

dollie said...

No nothing yet, boo! Love your 3 Stars lady, complete genius.