Thursday, March 4, 2010

it's the way, way out

It's unfortunate that to take silver in Olympic hockey you have to lose Gold, because Team USA was a monster all tournament and they should be very proud of their accomplishment. I had a sinking stone in my stomach after the regulation buzzer because as much as I hate him, Crosby leads a blessed life and I just knew he would be the hero. That's how things play out for him. I'm sure he works hard and prepares as much as any other player, but why does lady luck always smile upon him? My mom thinks it's because of his handsome face. Can you believe she said such a thing to me in the wake of this loss? It's stings enough enough when we have to hear Mike Milbury and every other talking head telling us how truly great Sid the Kid is, but my own mother? She's usually such a strong nationalist that I think someone must have been slipping her spiked maple syrup because she went on to say Canada deserved to win because they put on such a beautiful Olympics!

Now that the disappointment has faded a touch and the Rangers came back with a decisive win over Ottawa, I can look back at the weekend fondly. I saw two great things (would be more if I hadn't missed the USA/Fin semifinal). Number one is without a doubt Zach Parise's tying goal with less than 25 seconds left. Never liked that guy so much. Canada can gloat all they want but our rough trade candidate for Falcon exclusive is so much cuter than theirs. C'mon who would you rather get serviced by? I'd pick Parise every day, especially because Crosby was also "blessed" with those teeth. Yikes! The second greatest thing I saw this weekend was on Sesame Street Old School Vol. 2. Put this on until the cable was hooked up and this song/skit changed my life a little. Wish this guy was on American Idol. I'd totally call for him all night long.

Well time to move on. We take on the Golden boy tonight and I would love nothing more than to shut him down. You know my mom will be watching!

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j said...

So bummed that the Exit video has been removed. CURSES!!!