Tuesday, March 16, 2010

IV: A New Hope

After four consecutive losses to Pittsburgh, Washington, Buffalo and worst of all the Devils I had basically given up hope of a post-season berth. But my belief is never fully gone until we're mathmatically eliminated, so I said to myself, "Let the weekend games decide." And guess what we won both, each in satisfying ways. Against Atlanta, our top line, top guys really came through. Ozone Ken, aka Prospal scored twice and Gaborik's groin was strong enough for a goal and some assists. Was it one or two? Who cares we won.

Now Philly in the afternoon is different story. After the first it looks like another disappointment, season over. I mean Briere scored, not good. Then I made a clutch decision which turned things around. I decided to quit unpacking and hightail it to the local bar to watch in the company of drinks, boneless wings and the always great J. Plus I was wearing my Avery shirt in solidarity of his lone healthy scratch being over. And what does he do? Scores two goals, engages the entire Flyers' bench. Personally I hate Sean's black mouthgard, but it does add a great feeling of wickedness when he takes over like this. Maybe Torts should alternate sitting and playing him the rest of the way because I could stand a whole bunch more games like these two, starting with those bitchass Canadiens tonight.

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henrik lundqvist blog said...

You are a girl after my own heart - a Star Wars reference with hockey! AND Henrik Lundqvist in the post! I think I love you.

I sure hope the Rangers stay focused and kick ass to the playoffs. And then some miracle occurs and we win the Stanley Cup.