Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in those jeans!

3 great things happened in the Rangosphere in the last weekend before the Olympic break. 2 occured at the same time. I decided to primarily watch the opening cermonies in Vancouver because I didn't want to miss Jagr carrying the Czech Republic flag in the parade of athletes. Thanks to NBC I barely say him and these remarkable pants because they went to commercial during his big moment and only mentioned him in passing about returning to air. I need more than a glimpse of this outfit, I want all angles especially the back! Wait a minute doesn't NBC carry hockey? Curses NBC! I blame Mike Milbury.

Concurrently the Rangers were facing off against Crosby & co in Pittsburg where not only did Dubinsky say that Big Lips is "such a little baby sometimes" but we pulled out an win with Jokinen's OT goal. His face is like an added weapon in a breakaway situation a I thank him for it.

Lastly came Tampa Bay and after falling down 0-2 in the first it looked like another lackluster performance against a beatable opponent. Then man man Avery was granted a penalty shot and he made some kinda play to score the Rangers' first goal of 5. It's sheer beauty and I couldn't love him more.

Today marks the first day of the Men's Olympic hockey tournament. Good luck Cally, Drury, Gaborik, Jagr, Jokinen and especially Henrik.

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