Friday, February 12, 2010

little pleasures

When your team is in the midst of a terrible run you have to take your pleasure in small things - great plays, points accumulated, save pct. Then sometimes your team just comes through with a spectacular performance. That was last Saturday's game against those blasted Devils. I was more than nervous to face them at MSG once again after two painful loses to them there this season, by my Rangers showed up and played wonderfully particularly our Olympians, Gaborik, Callahan, Drury and especially Henrik. Better than
that Brodeur let in his usual softies and Avery jaw must have hurt....from yapping so much. A truly enjoyable win although I could have done without Heinious Zubrus' goal.

So I was very excited to attend Wednesday night's tilt against Nashville despite the slush and cold. Who's even on that team anyway? Two points are ours. That is until Gaborik cuts his thigh and Torts plays 7 defensemen at the expense of Voros. I'm thinking scoring will be a miracle and of course it was all Prospal could do to net one on an extended 5 on 3. Henrik was sharp as 36 saves just weren't enough on this night. So what did I do? Took my pleasures in other things. Like my spectacular view from the first row of Sec. 96 and 25% of concessions. Oh yeah, Legwand is a Pred. Unfortunately his first name is David and not Massimo. Loved my seats although they were partially obscured by the posse of businessmen sitting right in front of me. Two of them were speaking some indeterminable language which was disturbing until they pointed to one of the Predators and yelled, "Douche"! Must be French and I assume they were calling out Bouillon aka "Soupy". Favorite moment of the game, but not of the night.

Anxious to get home and out of the elements I head to the E train lickety split after the final buzzer. Walking up the platform Voros is easily spotted waiting for the train with his notable height and lack of silhouette. But wait who's that standing next to him looking all shy and cute in his wool coat and knit hat? Is it Gabby? Yes it is. The place was swarming with disgruntled Ranger fans so I didn't want to start a problem opting to pass them by. I was hoping I could catch Gabby's eye so I could tell him I missed him, but I'm too short to make that happen easily. Pretty exciting though, like my own mini Casino Night. Made it home without too much hassle but I did wish I had snatched up one of those nifty new knitted Rangers scarves with the Players names on them. I've been waiting over 4 years to wrap Lundqvist around my face and now I can for only $19.99. Good deal.

Hopefully the Rangers have at least one more enjoyable win in them before the Olympic break and I'd prefer to take care of the Pens tonight.

ps. I missed the memo that Nashville's Joel Ward was black! Awesome, but better if he hadn't been so much better than us.

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