Thursday, February 18, 2010

all gone to plan so far

I haven't been able to catch much of the Men's Ice Hockey Olympic tournament so far, but I was home for most of the Tre Kronor's 2-0 win over Germany last night. My guy Henrik Lundqvist earned his first Olympic shutout in his opening bid to repeat for gold, not too shabby. Even better was his post-game interview with MSG's own Joe Micheleti.

It was like an instant replay of the moment I fell in love with him, in an NBC interview during the 2006 Olympics because the look he gave the camera at the close said, "I'll be right home honey, and I want to celebrate!" His did it again yesterday and there was synchronized loud shrieking (is that an Olympic sport?) in my home. You can watch here if you can get it to work. In one view the Battle of the Hudson raged on because CNBC followed the beauty that is the Sweden backstop with Joe's one-on-one with Martin Brodeur. I thought I was being petty when I thought, "Isn't he even uglier than usual?" But it turns our he was. Ol' Fatso is sporting braces for the fortnight. Who does he think he is, Tom Cruise? What self-respecting hockey player gets braces before retirement? Maybe his wives have another sister who's an orthodontist!

I missed the Czechs vs. Slovakians because I like sleep a lot. Also I'm torn between the two: I want Gaborik to excel, but I love Jagr. Can't stop, don't wanna stop. Turns out I'm not the only one. Check out these dudes! I'm lovin' their DIY tribute, but they should have thought about sporting pajama pants with a print invoking the opening ceremonies. That's what I did, in bed.

By some stroke of luck I'm home for USA Vs. Norway this afternoon and I'm very excited to root for Cally and Drury in real time. Go USA! Go Sweden!


Christine said...

I watched that interview of him about 4 times a row especially at 48 and 52 seconds along. Wow. If I ever got that look from him I'm sure my clothes would spontaneously combust!

dollie said...

So true, but that look was for you Christine, that's why Henrik nearly always does it. In person, not so much. Friendly but not devastating. It's probably for the better, or he would leave a trail of charred people all over North America!