Monday, February 22, 2010

that was tremendously, tremendous

Super Sunday was pretty spectacular. I could've gone for the Czechs over the Russians, but the potential quarterfinal set up between USSR and Canada takes a little sting out of the win. The first game was just an appetizer though and man did USA lay out a meal! I've never liked Ryan Miller so much in my life even if I had to bite my tongue from calling him the Cyclops throughout the whole game. Same with multi-goal hero Rafalski who I commonly refer to as Repulski, a holdover from his Devil years. I inverted my jibes to powerful mantras and it seemed to work. Instead of cursing Miller, every time he made a save I yelled, "The Eye sees all!" I loved everything about this contest. USA's energy, Drury's goal, even Crosby's late game tip in because in retrospect it gave Canada hope and their dashed superiority was that much more enjoyable.

And how about Ryan Kesler's empty netter? A hard-working classic. Who knew Zach Parise was such a cool dude? No idea. I'm guessing there's a little latent animosity between Brodeur and his current and former teammates given the determination of those players to score on him. And maybe ol' Brace Face really did change allegiances when he took that citizenship test this past December because he seemed honor-bound to give this win away. Brodeur even went so far as to cleverly shift the blame to other parties. So unlike him. I don't think he skipped shaking anyone's hand, but he didn't look happy about it and barely exchanged a word with Team USA. True leadership.

Sweden moved on too in the late-night game behind another shutout from my man Henrik. That man's a God. To be honest I stayed up until 3-0, then hit the hay, so I hope in this case there wasn't another face-to-face with Mr. Gorgeous. The Tre Kroner await the winner of Slovakia-Norway while Team USA wait on Swiss-Belarus. I hope it's gonna be a good week.


hot henrik fan said...

Yeah I stayed up way late too to catch the hot hunk on ice Hank! Or the Swedish stud. Anyway, Henke was awesome. Needs more face time though. The cameras weren't on him enough.

Anonymous said...

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dollie said...

Oh I'm not sure how to do you anything! I can't even manage to leave a comment on Christine's fabulous new Henrik blog! (ps please email me I hope it works out because I'd love to keep new readers, thanks for coming by.