Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wrong end of instant classic, a la Wimdledon 2008

As usual I spoke a little too soon. This lost point hurts so much worse than the other 6 this season. The game was very hard to watch because it was so good. Lots of action, lots of shots, lots of saves. My objectives kept changing throughout the game from please score on Brodeur, to please get through this 5-on-3, and finally please just hold on. We did hold on but ultimately all it did was heap more glory on NJ. I'm sure Patrick Elias is just introverted, but his lack of emotion upon netting the game winner and sole goal just made me
angry. And Brodeur's post game was riddled his patented put-downs crouched in his reportedly "humble" answers. This time he claimed he'd be happy to split the win with Henrik because they both played so wonderfully, then went on to say that the shootout was the truest head-to-head goalie contest so obviously he was a million times better than our King. Whatever. Very similar to his backhanded remarks after setting the shutout record a few weeks ago when he commented that it was nice to look down at the players chasing his records and seeing that they're not even close. Plus I don't remember hearing the name Sawchuk pass his smug little lips. But enough about that asshole. We played a tremendous offensive and defensive game. Henrik was unbelievably stellar. How much do I wish that Gaborik's OT shot that hovered around the post for about 3 solid seconds went in? Or in a perfect world, Avery takes the shootout and totally buries one on his beloved Fatso. I'm just gonna pretend that's what happened and hope that our point streak continues tomorrow night against the Sens.

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