Tuesday, January 12, 2010

moving on up

I'm back on dangerous ground where the Rangers are winning enough that I spend my time playing God, trying to decide how many points we need from each individual game in order to win the games I really want. Like I have anything to do with it. This is how I got into trouble earlier this season after our nearly perfect start. Still I wasn't upset when we donated a point to Atlanta Thursday night, especially after we took two from Boston handily Saturday afternoon. I love finally sitting in 6th, closely nestled behind 5th, so I'd love nothing more than to beat the pants off the Devils tonight. This is the game I circled since the ball dropped. There's just something so joyous in defeating Jabba, especially at MSG. But we didn't win last time and his slimy smug trail hasn't quite left the building either. Hopefully we dump a whole load of salt on Brodeur tonight because these are two points I'm not willing to gamble with.

Sean Avery hasn't scored any more goals in the wake of his 4 point triumph, but he just keeps on giving the fans what they want. Or at least this fan. He just put this up on his blog. This is what I want to see. just make him the commisioner right now. I'm also baffled by Henrik's black grandpa socks. If he wasn't berobed and lounging on his bed I'd be highly disturbed. Great work Avery!

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