Friday, January 15, 2010

on his own

While being shutout by Martan Brodeur is probably one of my least favorite things in the world at least he's an elite goalie and arguably the best of all time. No shame in that (on paper). Not so much Mike Brodeur an AHL goalie only making his 2nd NHL start. Last night's game sucked hardcore. To lose a point with 1:11 to go and after Henrik played his heart out two games in a row is just lousy, and I hate it. At least Neil and Ruutu didn't score. Even so I'm hating Ottawa right now. come March 25th though, Canada's capital will be my favorite place bacause that's where I'll be going crazy at the Thrush Hermit reunion. I haven't visited the city since the summer of 2001 so I'm more than ready to indulge at the Fish Market/ Drinks come in a fishbowl. I'm thinking long lunch. Here's a little clip to get you (but more likely myself) psyched. Is this the best video of all time? oR just the best one made for $500? Also let's take it to St. Louis (hello WPIX) and Montreal cette week-end.

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