Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 in a row!!!

I can hardly believe it! I always claimed to have faith - and I definitely believe we're a better team then our last 8 weeks would credit- but I don't expect smooth sailing the rest of the way. I love beating the Isles, the Flyers and the Canes, but they're 3 teams in the bottom of the conference. I want to see us beat the Pens, the Devils, the Habs. I mean it's easy to beat Philly when their current coach is on furlough from prison. No wait, that isn't Robert Chambers behind the bench, it's that bitch Peter Laviolette. It's hard to tell the difference between their smug entitled faces. Plus Hartnell's hair is always so distracting. I don't know his situation, but I'm just saying I wouldn't want to clean out that guy's shower til death do us part. And he's not even the worst crime against my eyes, have y'all seen Carcillo? Man what an unattractive team! I'm so glad we beat those ugly fucks. We have to see them 5 more times and I hope that we keep climbing while they keep bottom dwelling. Next up the Panthers, another holiday showdown and I'm hoping it will be a good Christmas.

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