Saturday, December 12, 2009

hold on hope

So for the past three seasons while the Rangers have gritted out difficult stretch runs to make the playoffs, my default soundtrack has been Guided By Voices "Hold on Hope." I never thought I'd have to rock this track this early. It's only December, but my beloved team is in big trouble. Obviously runand gun didn't work, because we only have one gun. Stingy defense is a crapshoot with 2/3 of the blueline younger than 25. At least Henrik seems to have reconciled the fact the he's gonna have to win most of the points for us, that is when he doesn't fumble the puck into his own net. Thing is I have faith in him. My hope is that the rest of the team will follow his lead and start working for wins with every shift. They'll have to do it without Gilroy and Valiquette, who were sent down post-blackhawks. Gilroy should've realized after the fallout from Casino Night not to ignore me at an event. J says the Rangers have a "No Dollo, no tolerance" policy. If they don't they should have. I'm not sure what's happening with our backup situation, but it's clear now why the Isles were stockpiling veteran goalies - so we couldn't sign one when we so desperately need one. I definitely haven't given up hope yet for a successful campaign. I'll leave you on a positive note, here's a little something to get you in the Christmas mood. I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday!

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