Monday, December 7, 2009

it's not like I expect to win against the Wings

One good thing about losing twice as many games as you win for a prolonged period, let's say 7 weeks, is that it doesn't hurt as much when it happens yet again. This one did sting just a little before the "We Suck" malaise set in. It's difficult to beat Detroit, especially for us when we only see them once a year and their aura of powerhouse skill isn't questioned. What gets me is we were completely in this one then Henrik (why him?) has to fumble the save and kick the puck in himself. Couldn't any of the stars in red just plain beat Henrik with a great shot? All in all a good weekend effortwise, now I just want the results too.
During the downtime this past week I've been self-medicating with live shows from my favorite boys north of the border. Maybe Sloan's sweet sounds will be a balm for you too. Or at least make you miss MVP. Here's to a better showing in Chicago.

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