Thursday, November 26, 2009

something to be thankful for

Back to back wins!!! Finally, it's been well over a month. Our Rangers eeked this one out, but they did it with a full 60 minute effort and almost all of the 3rd with only 4 defensemen. The box score doesn't look much different than any of the losses this past stretch - lone goal by Gaborik (a league leading 19th!!!), under 30 shots, even with overtime. Difference is this team wanted these two points. Even Roszival was noticeably blocking shots and hitting dudes. Now anyone who knows me knows I would prefer Freddie was still our shootout sniper, but I gotta say Parenteau has been pretty great. And Henrik too. Always love that guy. Love him more in a post-game interview, but MSG double booked with the Knicks, so the regular after dinner mints will have to wait for the pre-show Friday. Looks like the photogs took some time off too because there were only a few pics to choose from and they all had this old timey pink glow. Let's keep it going in Tampa tomorrow!

Lastly thanks to everyone who's stopped by this blog. We've definitely picked up some repeat viewers over the last year, and I really appreciate y'all taking the time to read my efforts. Please feel free to participate by adding comments, fun or foul, or emailing me at: Happy Thanksgiving, be well and merry!

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