Saturday, November 28, 2009

The best thing about last night's game is that I never have to watch it again. Truly painful. Now I could debate whether blowing a lead hurts more than outright losing, but yesterday's game against Tampa was just dreadful. Henrik getting chased not only from that game but tonight's too against Pittsburgh makes me sigh with dejection. I just hate it. Vali should have been between the pipes for this one anyway. Torts should learn his lesson because Renney and he have the same problem of not starting the backup on prime backup occasions. First of back-to-backs against a weaker team? Valiquette. The only good thing about last night's game is Cally's goal. I hate being shutout, but #24 saved the day with his late game backhander. Thanks guy. I think a lot of the team already had the Pens on their minds, so I expect all the effort, passion and precision to be in double doses tonight.

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