Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a citizen

Ok, Hockey Girls has been out of commission for a few games now. I was hoping that I could breeze over Thursday's loss in the wake of back to back wins, but those blasted Capitals outplayed us yesterday. The worse part of this two losses/one win trend is even Henrik has been culpable. He's been stellar in the wins, but then he goes and lets in a deciding softie the following game. I frankly hate it. He obviously does too - notice not only the bitterly disappointed body language, but the broken stick in his hand. Last time Henrik had a fit it took something like 5 more games to snap out of it. The Rangers haven't got that type of time. Those "poor" Islanders have already come back to tie us in the standings. We're technically still in playoff position, but most of the Eastern conference have games in hand on us. We've got to turn this around and quickly. I would like to start stockpiling some points and a sweep of Thanksgiving week would be a great start.

Despite the terrifying record since the 7 game streak, there have been a few highlights. At least we're not Carolina! Plus I love that Gaborik is topping the stats lists. At least he and Prospal give the Rangers a fighting chance every game and me something to watch. Unfortunately that super consistent season I keep praying Henrik will deliver still has not materialized. Instead I have to hear about how Ryan Miller is the new Jesus. Enough with these other goalies. It's bad enough that the Devils have gone on such a tear, but then I hear that Brodeur is planning to become a naturalized American citizen next month. Oooh just what I wanted for Christmas, to be compatriots with that French-Canadian asshole. Do you think they'll make him lose the accent as a requirement? If we Americans have to face this indignity than Brodeur should at least be off the Canadian Olympic team. He shouldn't be able to have both. Why couldn't Sean Avery defect to my country? I already love him in red, white and blue. Avery's cross-cultural appeal reached new levels this month with the release Harlequin' Power Play, a new title in their most sexually charged line, Blaze. Not only is the hero a hockey player, but check out this cover. Is that not an Avery look-alike? I guarantee hot cop/puck enthusiast Jonah Betts (that's right! I think Nancy Warren is a closet Rangers fan) has a puck scar on the other side of his face. I wish scoring was a little more on Avery's mind. He's more fun when we're winning. I'll just have to enjoy Jonah's proficiency on and off the ice until Saturday.


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