Sunday, November 29, 2009

kill me now

So after Friday's debacle I went into last night's game with a plan: I would watch until something painful happened. Started promising. Our Staal scores, Vali withstands many tough shots. Then it unravelled. I gave up after the 1st period ended with the Pens up 3-1. Decided to catch up on last week's SNL hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Much better decision. Pretty good episode, highlighted by Dave Matthew's doing double duty in this Jack Johnston skit, turning in a brilliant Ozzy Osbourne impersonation and skewering himself just as masterfully. I never thought I be impressed with Dave Matthews. Kinda how I feel about Crosby, but I somehow think he'll never display a sense of humor.

So in a mellower frame of mind I check out the 3rd period. Alright, Roszy scores off some nifty work by my man Sean Avery. We're only down 3-4. I'm thinking there can't be a repeat of the first, then Vali quickly lets in goals 5-6. I'm out, no need to witness a massacre. Or a hat trick. It was bad enough that the MSG cameras followed Crosby's every move whether he was involved in the scoring plays or not, I don't need to see his regretable face for 10 minutes while they clean up those hats. Total disappointment. I might feel a little better if we beat them tomorrow night, but what is the likelihood that we hand them a mirror defeat? Not high! We probably could eek out a 3-2 win. I should just be happy with any points, but this rollercoaster of suckiness is wearing me down.

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