Monday, June 15, 2009

everything's coming up roses

First off it sucked. Gave me a bad case of Bylsma. But really, when Maxime "Bad Hands" Talbot is your number one star in a game 7 you know something has gonna horribly wrong. Right Marian Hossa?

Despite the outcome (ps You're welcome Roger Federer!) there were a few things I did enjoy during the finals. I always love hating on Marc-Andre Fleury and when the Pens consistently refered to him as "Flower" throughout this series I simultaneously rolled my eyes and ground my teeth. Not a pretty picture, but better than looking at the Flower. I would have nicknamed him "The Bite". Have you seen the mouth on that guy? The Pens did manage to coin a fine nickname for one of their own. Of course they tried to keep it a locker room secret until Jordon "The Elf" Staal let slip that Rob Scuderi earned the moniker "The Piece" when he mispoke to the press. I was hoping it was in honor of the size of his weapon, but the real story is just as classic.

I will admit that I made some peace with Malkin during the course of the playoffs. At least he seems to be a genuine human, unlike that automaton Sidney Crosby. He was so wooden during the post-game festivities than even Doc and Eddie spoke at length on NBC that they had hoped for a bit more enthusiasm from the champion captain. It seemed like he was responding to questions after a loss than the biggest win of his career (may it stay that way!) It was probably because he spent half the game on the bench. Sucks to be you Sidney, expect that it totally doesn't you lucky bastard.

In better news, it seems the non-sports media is as in love with Sean Avery as I am. Vanity Fair has a new and highly amusing interview with our man in blue. I didn't really think I had an Avery problem until I was talking hockey with my mom this weekend and after going on about him for nearly 20 mins she commented, "I think you really like this guy!" As if he was my BFF and it was time to declare my secret love. This from a women who used to regularly inquire after "Sean". We've all got it bad, but I think it's in more of bromance sort of way. I just find him awesome, and I love his take on nearly everything, except maybe fake tanning.

Also he's on Jimmy Fallon tonight. This guy gets around. Good work Sean. Do you think Bettman will DVR it? I know I will.

Here's to the Rangers in 2010!

ps. I would feel better about a parade in Pittsburgh if The Office was real and Michael Scott coercd everyone at Dunder Mifflin out to celebrate. Of course he's be sporting his "From Dwight" jersey. Yes, that would make it go down a bit easier.


:el fano: said...

seriously ButterMcAveryLove ... AVERY is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) gotta love love love it! He sooooooo needs to be your BFF! you guys can take turns slapping people with Chad Hunt! =) HA!!!!!! [lol] xxoxo love love love you! xo xo :el fano:

dollie said...

Oh El Fano, what an image! Me, Avery and Chad Hunt could get up to a bunch of hijinks!

Can't wait to see you later. love, butter