Friday, June 12, 2009

rockin' and rollin' and whatnot

Just one more Federer nugget (with a bit of Murray from Flight of the Conchords for added pleasure!) Love these guys.

Do you think there was celebrating at Warren 77 when the Dallas Stars fired coach Dave Tippet? I bet there was if Avery was even there. It possible he was off to the wilds of nowhere for the 2009 Bonnaroo Festival which he's covering for Fuse.

Avery's everywhere these days. He even made one nameless team's sometimes cryptic combine questionaire to weed out the incoming draft picks. Projected #3 pick Matt Duchene let drop to Jeff Marek on Hockey Night Radio that the strangest question he was posed was, "Would you rather have dinner with Barack Obama, Maria Sharapova or Sean Avery?" I wouldn't let Gary Bettman hear my honest answer to that one. Duchene went with the diplomatic answer - Obama. Wise choice you don't want to end up on a watch list before you're even drafted!

The most precious piece of silver will be lifted tonight, please let it be the Red Wings. Here's to Lidstrom and Co. (plus the Hersey Bears) tonight!

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:el fano: said...

Butter - did you know that Avery and Kanye West threw a party the other night to "CELEBRATE A LIST!" := and I quote... "'s party last night to celebrate a list of the top 25 women in fashion, compiled in part by Kanye West and Sean Avery. It may be a recession, but a fancy party held to celebrate a list can never be too extravagant...."!!! you gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to find this list and post it!! =) Should i just call Warren77 and ask!? HA!! why not? I would be reporting for my fashion blog!! HA HA HA!! xoxoxo love you! xo xo :el fano: