Tuesday, May 6, 2008

0 to go : (

I'm with ya Chris Drury. I feel a little ripped open after Sunday's elimination loss. I have to admit my faith was waivering a little in the 2nd intermission, but a few minutes later when the Korpedo (thank you Sam Weinman) scored belief was bursting out of my body. My MSG Monday outfit was planned, game 7 too. Marian Hossa definitely caught me looking ahead, and so it hurt so much worse when his goal snuck in under Henrik's pads.

As with last year I'm just sad to see the back of my boys for 4 months. We spend a lot of time with them. Do I have to make real friends now, or at least leave the house? What a hassle. Plus there are so many question marks this offseason. There was a little anxiety and Sather 2nd guessing (Snotty Gomez, really?) last year but overall the team had the same makeup come training camp. This year will be totally different. I know I should be most worried about Jagr, but to tell the truth I don't think I can be a happy blueshirt fanatic without Avery. I know my mom would be very upset as she's currently on a first name basis with SEAN. They've been having a spiritual communion through prayer. Inajayne has succumbed to one of the best romance formulas going: The convalescing rogue. It's a like a disease in Rangerland this spring. SEAN must have put on some Axe body spray on his way to St. Vincent's, or maybe it was Bod. We all know Avery has a "Hot Bod!" Fingers crossed that bod will be sitting itself in our locker room for a few seasons to come.


Kim said...

Hot Bod! You manage to bring smiles through the sadness. Spiritual communion through prayer!!! And you are truly a blessing.

dollie said...

Thank you Kim! You're too kind - especially when my mom is the real creative force. Today she asked me how I could possibly prefer Freddie to SEAN. Obviously she's really into the team, but she hasn't fully grasped the nuances of player adoration. Or she only has eyes for Avery. She and he will have to make a new video for "Opposites Attract"!