Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Up with Peeps, down with Caps!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and supported the Peepitals. Most especially a huge thank you to Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy for giving the project the national shine we were aching for. He's by far my favorite voice in hockey, and now I love him even more. Thanks also to Tarik at Capitals Insider for reciprocating a shoutout. Lastly I want to make sure to give respect to Mike Dudolevitch, fervent Caps fan and master diorama constructor, who was a co-creator and instrumental in making the Peepitals come to life.

Now, the Peepitals wouldn't have been possible without a heavy dose of love for the Capitals and Ovechkin in particular. In fact the Washington Capitals are my second favorite team in the league. My playoff plan was to support the Caps full stop if they went further than my beloved Blueshirts, but all my plans have gone to hell. We meet in the first round, and unfortunately my second team is just that, coming in second and golfing early if I have my way (Sorry Mike!)

Not that it's gonna be easy. The Rangers are gonna have to give A game and beyond and may just squeek through. They have a lot of areas that need improvement: power play, scoring, protecting a lead and winning on the road. Luckily, the Rangers managed all these things with aplomb in the very last game of the regular season taking it to Philly in Philly on Sunday. I thought the game didn't mean much originally, but it pocketed Henrik his record 38 win and instilled a lot of confidence in the team. I would have been happy enough with Dubinsky ruining the Flyers shot at finishing the season without giving up a shorthanded goal. His two on one shortie was a beauty, but when the Flyers retook the lead I thought the game was over. After all they had home ice to play for, but my boys Avery and Betts came through with 3rd period tallies. Then there were hugs all around. Now onto DC, and I just hope everyone plays well, and that the Rangers prove to be a little bit better than the Caps.

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