Tuesday, April 14, 2009

putting the Peepitals to bed

Just a few last angles of the Peepitals before they get too crunchy and all their colorful sugar falls off. Notice the yellow laces on Ovie's skates. Fedorov had a pair too, but unfortunately his line was relegated to the bench. Maybe Jagr Peep can wear them in our KHL diorama. And also Brashear's view from the penalty box. Mike and I weren't sure if adding him was in poor taste, but it felt wrong without him. If we'd known this project wasn't WaPo bound we'd have added a little more blood - on the ice, on the boards, in the stands - basically everywhere.

Game 1 tomorrow, I'm all hopeful and anxious. My goal is to steal one of these road games, preferably both. I know it's unrealistic to expect a repeat of the 2007 Atlanta series, but a girl can hope. What are the chances that Zherdev and Antropov are furiously teaching Avery some choice words in Russian? Maybe all 3 will be chirping their way into a series win. That would be beautiful.

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