Monday, April 27, 2009

right side of the line

Advance, advance, advance! That's what I want. I want to be on the right side of the scoring, the calls, the shots, the saves. Just everything. I want game 7 to be our best game of the year thus far. Maybe that's asking too much, but I certainly expect a fuller effort than I've been treated to in the last 2 games. There will be handshakes tomorrow and I want our heads held high, preferably smiling.

I thought I wanted Pittsburgh to succeed just to make fun of Crosby's "beard" (and I'm gonna make fun of it right now) but man was I wrong. I never need to see this patchy pencil thin lip fur again. I was trying to place what it reminded me of, then it hit me - Bobby Peru! Crosby's chicklet teeth may be more dentally sound, but he skeeves me nearly as much. At least BP has a terrific sense of humor. Well, if this atrocity gets TV time next week, Mara's full out lumberjack should too in accordance with equal hair time. It's only right.

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j said...

I am already in a panic. This isn't good for my heart.