Monday, April 27, 2009

head shakes not handshakes

Has that Mexican bastard Gomez infected the team with swine flu? What the fuck happened to this team over the last two games? I always knew Brashear was evil, but now it's seeping out of his body in the form of a Hollywood Hulk Hogan beard. Blackbeard took out my beloved Blair Betts with a high elbow to the head yesterday. There goes the PK, which of course is exactly what happened. Morrisson tried to give Dubinsky rabies. Henrik was shelled for 5 goals, 2 PPGs. Ugh. Although the calls were beyond egregious we brought a lot of this misery on ourselves, first by benching Avery for game 5 than proceeding to play the game like zombies. Next Torts gets himself benched, then they sit Orr in the one game where his might and protection could have really made a difference and at least would have given the throng something to cheer about.

One high point was the comedian sitting behind me. He worked a soviet theme throughout the game and it was damn hysterical, "How many rubles did it take to pay off these refs?", "To the gulag Ovechkin", "Check his passport!" I'm sure I missed some other ethnic gems. At least he had some passion unlike my rowmates who wouldn't even stand for the 2nd and 3rd Ranger goals. I'm there to root for my team, so sue me if I want to sing the goal song when all hope is lost. Actually I really liked Staal's goal with 5 seconds left. I think it bodes well for Tuesday's decider at Verizon Center. Henrik seldom if ever has 3 ordinary games in a row, so I'm cautiously hopeful for game 7 - even without Betts and Dubinsky foaming a little at the mouth and skating blindly in one direction.

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