Saturday, May 2, 2009

another season bites the dust

This isn't the best angle, but trust me nearly every player on the Capitals not only shook Henrik's hand, but did the double touch - one hand on the belly, one on the shoulder. There were all a little in love with him. Man, who wouldn't be? Especially after he put in another wonderful performance in game 7. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, but he and the team did themselves proud with the type of grinding effort that was missing from most every Ranger in games 5 &6. We really needed all 3 efforts to be this strong because you can't always account for calls and bounces to go your way.

While the saddest part of losing is not seeing the boys for a few months, Avery took it upon himself to leave a lasting image. Is he interning at Cohen's Fashion Optical this summer? You know I love a man in specs and I'm even founder of these larger, less fashionable hornrims than the one he sported briefly in 2007. He kinda looks like a much hotter version of my dad circa 1963. I just can't get enough. Maybe they'll give academic Avery a guest spot corresponding for NHL on the Fly. God that would be good. And at least he's not a free agent this summer (i.e. don't go breaking my heart again Sather). Only good things until September and beyond.

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