Friday, April 17, 2009

been caught stealing aka 15 to go!

So yeah, maybe the Rangers weren't the best team on the ice Wednesday night, but they were the ones that went to the locker room up 1-0 in this series and that's what counts. Actually this game went pretty much according to the script I laid out. Both teams played well, we just played a little better where and when it made the most difference. To me the Blueshirts' advantage was both Henrik in goal and our previous playoff seasoning. The team didn't panic when the Caps tied it up. Our best effort came in the 2nd half of the 3rd - that last Philly game already paying dividends with our confidence. Dubi's goal was sick. And I gotta give Gomez credit - he promised to turn it on and he certainly did burying a goal and setting up the 2 PPGs. Thank you Scottie!

Now I know tomorrow's game is gonna be different. Avery will not have the same room to work his slightly dirty magic that he was miraculously afforded in this one. Henrik is gonna have to be as sharp if not sharper. Cally's still gonna hit everything, but hopefully the net too. I have high hopes and high blood pressure. Are the playoffs fun, or just hard? Please let it be fun.

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