Sunday, April 26, 2009

carving out a win

I've watched some pretty bad game 5s over the last few seasons, but oh man what a stinker Friday night. At least the outcome was decided early, no anxiety needed. Which left a mix of disappointment, disbelief and anger. Not terribly fun. At least we had the best beard on the ice. Mara Peep is sporting a pretty nifty one too.

Henrik spotted the Caps another 4 goals, but game 5 was far different from game 3. I never like to see Henrik give up softies, but in this case I think our play in front just drained him of all energy right from the first faceoff. Boudreau thinks that means Henrik will play incredible goal this afternoon. I do too and I just hope it's enough. This series has definitely played out like a mini version of our season. In this scenario Game 5 was all of Jan/Feb. Here's hoping game 6 is one of the better post trade deadline games where Avery, Antropov, Cally and everybody were clicking and getting it done. Today my boys have to step up and do it for themselves without their coach to guide them. The odds are looking bleaker, but I still believe.

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