Monday, April 20, 2009

goalie in search of a team

I'm gonna blame these rally sticks! Where was my playoff towel? That's the giveaway that wins games. At least we get them on Wednesday, so I'm feeling better about that game. It would be hard to feel worse about this one. We were just terrible. Henrik looked human, but he certainly didn't have any help from the rest of the team when it came to scoring, avoiding penalties, clearing the puck. You name it, we sucked. The guy next to me was teasing me because I still wanted to score with less than 5 min in the 3rd, but I paid damn good money for my ticket and wanted to at least get a good goal song out of it. Sucks to be me. The only enjoyment came from the foreign people sitting in our section. When a "Poti Sucks!" chant rang out after his late goal they didn't understand and were chanting "Hockey Sucks!" Or perhaps "Pocky sucks!" but I know it doesn't it. It's delicious.

The worse part of the game is I had the fleeting feeling, "This is the team I know!" The Rangers that can't score. make a good pass, or keep the puck in is a very familiar team. Hopefully that poised, competent team that somehow won the first 2 will be back for game 4. I believe.

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