Sunday, April 19, 2009

heart attack but no heartbreak

Thank the heavens that I'll be in attendance for the next 2 games, because it was so hard to watch game 2 from home yesterday. Let's just characerize my gametime demeanor as "fidgety". Not that I didn't believe that Henrik and the boys could nail down a 1-0 game, it's just that the outcome could have turned with any and every Caps' rush across the blueline. They are a scary team which leaves me even more proud of the effort the Rangers exhibited in game 2. Excellent job boys. Now let's continue that focus and poise into MSG.

As for the others series I'm torn between wanting the Penguins golfing as soon as possible and anticipation of both Crosby and Malkin's truly atrocious playoff beards should they advance. There's something about Sidney's pencil thin mustache that makes me smile every time. A little part of me would miss it.

ps. Thanks for the goal Cally, I knew you would come through. I'm ready to cheer you on tomorrow night! I believe in you Rangers!

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:el fano: said...

I know this is [soooo] not a "hockey" comment ... but you said "pencil-thin-mustache" ... and well.. you know who's sporting that [effect] in his new flick.... Mr. Orlando Bloom! :-) I can't get enuff of him with his P-T-M!!!!!! :-) anyway... I am soooo loving our wining streak! LETS KEEP IT GOING!! and I am sure you and our lady friend are PSYCHED for the next two home games! AWHHHH YEAH! xo xo :el fano: