Thursday, April 23, 2009

Raise your sticks to the King!

I knew those towels would do the trick. While I'm not totally behind the Garden faithful swinging white towels, that image, that feeling of twirling it means the playoffs to me. I'm sure I'm not alone because there was a palpable positive energy at MSG last night - on the ice, in the stands - it was beautiful.

Everyone knows I think the world of Henrik Lundqvist, but I can't remember being more proud of him than in this series, and most especially last night. He was just plain brilliant. I know that this is what he's capable of, that's why some of the losses are so hard to stomach. He's simply the best and my favorite. I think chances are good that he can steal another one of the next three, hopefully Friday night. Of course Henrik had help. Another 13 blocked shots and the team in front did a much better job of keeping the Caps on the outside than last game. If we can just stay fohcoosed, this series is ours.

Here's to Henrik and the Rangers - thank you boys!

ps. Who doesn't want to see Paul Mara's beard a month from now? I think the refs' calls should tilt in our favor, champion the cause.

pss. Had a brush with our Russian superstars Zherdev and Antropov last night. Ovechkin reminds me of a sexy Rasputin, but man...Antropov is like a Russian Apollo. Dude is handsome.


Anonymous said...

no amount of fohcoos can stop the offensive juggernaut that is...matt bradley.

dollie said...

too true...for game 5. We'll see about game 6!