Sunday, April 5, 2009

Evdollie Malkin

This week started out wonderful. Crazy great 3-0 shutout of the Devils (Suck it Marty!) on Monday. All was set for a dominant Ranger sprint to the regular season finish line. Then it all went to hell. Not only did I have to suffer through two infuriating games where my Blueshirts played just well enough to lose, but I was concurrently blighted with dental related Malkin-morphia wherein my cheek puffed out to dangerously unattractive Geno proportions (see left). I should not have pain in my head and heart at the same time it just isn't fair.

Now I'm nearly recovered and 90% back to my usually adorable self (see left with the stupendously handsome -and stitched- Freddie Sjostrom).
I will give shout outs to Callahan who has been playing lights out recently. So proud to have him. And to Sean Avery too, who always gives the fans something to cheer about even in a 1-0 loss. I love that he messed with Thomas during a TV time out, it's just his luck that the refs would see fit to penalize him based on a jumbotron replay. They should be applauding him for his brilliant timing, not sending him to the sin bin well after the fact. The move didn't pan out on Saturday, but may have laid the foundation for a memorable first round of the playoffs. We need some serious points in the next 3 games just to make it, but I feel confident Geno-disease has gone for good from both my face and the ice.

ps. No word on the Peeps contest. I'm torn between being worried and peeved.

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