Wednesday, April 8, 2009


NOTE: This post is over a day late because like an idiot I saved it as a draft!

That's my season subscriber record. Pretty darn good, right? I think Mr. Dolan should spot me a full season come September.

A very enjoyable game last night. My Rangers looked very capable if not quite dominant. 2 by Drury. I wish he always played like this. I had this vision of him during the game morphing from #23 Drury into Mr. Clutch, like his wrestling persona. His catch phrase could be,"It's time for Little League season."

Big cheer went up for Philly beating Florida. A little weird. I like Florida, but not enough to spot them a playoff berth. Now we have to serve a beating to that same Philly. One win and we're in. Love it.

ps. I love Cally. Congrats on his Steven McDonald award.


Kim said...

Congratulations!!! You did it!!!

dollie said...

Thanks Kim! I only wish the Wild had made it too, so we could at least think about the perfect Cup finals!