Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zherdev's the shit!

Please Hockey Gods, do not let the fortunes realign. For once we're the team that can come back, tie it up with seconds left and realize 2 points seemingly from nowhere. And I love it. Especially against the Pens. The last twenty seconds of regulation was a dream - Crosby's long stab at the open net misses wide and Zherdev comes down on the right -passes up a pass- and beats Fleury soundly. Just beautiful. Overtime not so much, but Henrik bails out the team and Freddie secures his 2nd win with a shootout goal. All in all a terrific night on the ice.

Let's hope there's not a hangover on the Island tomorrow night because those fishsticks will be gunning for us with intensity, especially after dropping three in a row. We've got to stop relying on our good fortune and makeour own with a 60 min effort.

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