Saturday, October 25, 2008

It took Tom Renney getting knocked on the head to kickstart a sense of urgency from his team. The Rangers looked damned good in the 2nd half of this game beating Columbus (and our lost Tyuts) very handily. Zherdev looked fantastic, Henrik stood strong, PK was great (thank you Betts & Freddie). Marc Staal was strangely aggressive clotheslining at least 2 jackets - some of Mara's snarl must be rubbing off - is a lumberjack beard far behind for our young defenseman? Unfortunately I don't think he can grow one. Nash must have been very frustratedd because he kept Freddie in a headlock for long time at the end of the game despite two refs trying to pry him off - maybe because Freddie is so sleek and pretty and Nash has a big potato head. Although I'll take Nash face anyday over Crosby and Malkin who unfortunately we play tonight. We can't lt those ugly MF's get any points tonight.

ps. Looks like Mats Sundin has finally picked a new team.

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