Wednesday, October 29, 2008

piling it on

Something is wrong, beating the Islanders wasn't as fun as it usually is. Do I really miss DiPietro? I certainly doesn't feel bad for the Islander fans, but this win was almost too easy. I'd never turn down 2 points, but usually the team (and myself) have to sweat out these wins a little more. Maybe this will be the year the Rangers win all the games against teams they're better than. That would be a delight as the schedule is filled with them in the upcoming weeks. Atlanta tomorrow, Toronto saturday, Tampa Bay next week.

Let's not burn Henrik out making highlight reel saves to keep us in the "winable" games though. He was fabulous Monday night, very focused. And I will admit that I miss Ted "Aloha" Nolan (maybe he's the key?) - this new coach is just too bland.

Whatever, let's just pocket the points and hope that 60 min effort shows up sometime in the very near future.

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