Thursday, October 16, 2008

not so good

So we lost. Can't like it, but there was one fine moment. Actually I didn't realize how awesome it was until I saw the replay at home. This season Paul Mara has been more like Paul Bunyan with his lumberjack beard (see last post) and willingness to flex his muscles, a change I totally love. I think he should just play with a long axe instead of a stick. So last night Mara dropped the gloves against Kaleta who broke Mara's face last year, only thing is Kaleta wouldn't take him on so Mara just pounded him and Kaleta's cowering with his well-protected hands over his precious face. Still Kaleta had the gall to taunt Mr. Bunyan like the worse brat on the playground. Fuck that guy.

On to Toronto. Back to excellence.


j said...

Ohhhh!I didn't realize it was Kaleta. This makes more sense now.

dollie said...

Yeah,I'm forgot all about Mara breaking his face last year. I read someone describe Kaleta reaction as turtling. Awesome.