Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Devils go down

When the Rangers were touting Aaron "AV" Voros, a fourth line nobody, as Avery's replacement this season I thought the organization was selling me a load of crap. Thankfully I was totally wrong. AV has far exceeded my expectations, and I imagine his own as well. While his antics on and off the ice are not quite as enjoyable as Avery's, Voros' ability to score and mix it up certainly is. He had his best game so far Monday night against those bitchass Devils. Avery must have left him some notes because he did everything - picked on Brodeur, yapped at Clarkson, gloated to Colin White and scored 2 goals. I'm sure he called Gionta a midget - I didn't see it, but it must have happened. Keep it up AV, prove me wrong all season.

My other favorite moments of the game (and there were a lot because nothing is
sweeter than beating the Devils) were Brodeur just getting his glove on - but not catching - Dubinsky's goal. Gomez roughing it up with Langenbrunner. Just feel it the hate Gomez. It's ok, you bleed blue now, not black. And lastly Callahan's empty net goal. Love that kid.

Now on to Buffalo. 5-0 feels great, but 6-0 would be even better.


:Independently Crazy: said...

Aaron Voros is very impressive. Not to mention easy on the eyes. I think he will contribute alot this season.

dollie said...

Oooh, I guess Voros can't be the #1 star every night, but I was hoping to see him still planted in front of the oppositions net. Hopefully he hates the Leafs as much as the Devils.