Tuesday, October 14, 2008

gone too soon

It's not often or ever that you fall in love with a prospect at the dry as dust NHL draft, but Cherepanov was the execption. From the moment we saw him we wanted him in a Ranger's jersey. I know it was little more than an hour, but it was like a small miracle when he fell to our 17th pick and Sather had his blueshirt all ready with his name in white and red on back. Baby Jagr is how I thought of him with his fluffly hair in the back and in the dream scenario he was gonna come over and play with his idol #68. Well he did get to play with Jagr, just for Omsk and not the Rangers. I thought and hoped that Jagr would take this year grooming Cherepanov to be an NHL superstar as a parting gift to the Rangers, but that's not going to happen now that Cherepanov is dead at 19. We'll miss you Alexei, rest in peace.

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